A Pondl ‘Frame’ of Mind

PONDL Winery began with a simple concept: make good wine, create something special, and share it with others! PONDL (PON’DL) taken from the initials of it’s two founders, Pat O’Neill and David Lujan Jr., is testament to what happens when an innocent hobby gets out of control.

As the winemaker, Pat’s idea was to make beautiful wines for all those who love wine and for all those who have yet to taste wine. David, on the other hand, wanted to create something unique – visually stunning, classy yet sexy, and above all – FUN! This earned him the title of the ‘Marketing Guy’.

We believe we have captured both our visions with PONDL Winery.


Warm up with our hot spiced mulled wine and….
Saturday 25 November 2017, 2-5 pm.
Chill to classic rock, folk, country, oldies & 90’s hits from “Guitarist & Entertainer” William Sconce
Sunday 03 December 2017, 2-5 pm.
Chill to the blended sounds of classical, modern, jazz and more, from Strings Attached

Saturday 09 December 2017, Come in for wine tasting, wine specials & Christmas Music on the iPod 12-5 pm.

Sunday 17 December 2017, 2-5 pm.
Chill to acoustic covers and originals from Dana DeMoulin 
Sunday 23 December 2017, 2-5 pm.
Chill to acoustic covers, originals and vocal talents of Justin & Lauren
Friday 29 December 2017, 2-5 pm.
Let’s end the year with a party & CHILL to the sounds of contemporary jazz from Symposium Jazz Duo