The Purple Barn

Relocating from the Bay Area to Lodi, Pat and David wanted to create a welcoming environment for all – from the occasional wine drinker to the connoisseur, and also the first-timers. So the frame work began… to create a place to share our labor of love. The property came with a two story “out” building. Its original purpose we’ll never know. Was it a drying shed, a hay barn, a dormitory for farm hands? Later, owners would turn it into a bed and breakfast inn called the Robin’s Nest that is still remembered by some in the local community.

Now, as new owners, we have converted it into a modest tasting room and production area. We have created a cozy atmosphere filled with wine, music and a little flair! Surrounded by vineyards, the property is both practical and scenic.

So please stop by for a tasting and take in the view! We will be on hand to share our wine… and our story!